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6th Edition Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation
Testing Information

Note, this is an open book test and it is not timed!

For details on how to take the test online, click here: www.aap.org/nrp/pdf/NRPexam.pdf

To take the test, click here: http://www.aap.org/nrp/exam

The online test costs $23.50 and that goes directly to AAP/NRP. Book/ebook can be purchased at the NRP Bookstore

Points to fully understand prior to taking the online test OR coming to Karen's class:

  1. You should read the 6th edition textbook before taking the test (if you want to pass). You do not have to buy the book, you can borrow it, but you do need to read it.
  2. You must take the test before you come to class and bring the verification form to the class or you will not be admitted into the class
  3. Once you register to take the exam online some computers--especially older versions--will have a window that comes up which states "check your system to see if your computer meets the minimum system requirements"
  4. Regardless of what it says about your computer system, follow the directions below in order to get registered:
    • Click on "take the NRP 6th edition online"
    • Do not sign in on this page. Click on "First time students click here to register"
    • From the next drop down menu click on "self-registration"
    • Create your account using the username and password of your choosing
  5. Please heed this warning....DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE NIGHT BEFORE THE CLASS TO TAKE THE EXAM!!! MANY people are having system glitches and cannot call anyone because it is after hours.
  6. Remember that if you fail twice, you will have to retake the test.
  7. After you finish chapters 1-4, & 9, take the post exam evaluation at the end where it says you passed those chapters.
  8. At the top you will see a link in the green that says: "View Certificate of Completion" or at the bottom it says "View Ccertificate".
  9. Click on either one of these and then print.




What People Say About Karen's Workshops

“After taking Ms. Strange’s course, several of our staff midwives have consciously changed their practices of neonatal management in ways that enhance and respect the newborn, as well as support a less aggressive, violent interaction in the transition period. I attribute this successful outcome to the quality and style of Ms. Strange’s teaching. She is very effective in communicating and imparting an understanding and respect for the process of resuscitation that compels participants to rethink their current practices.
-Susan Cassel, CNM, MSN