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Axness, Marcy Wineman,

  • What is Written On The Heart; Primal Issues on Adoption
  • Painful Lessons; Loving Bonds The
    Heart of Open Adoption

Buckley,  Dr. Sarah J.

  • Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering (2005)

Chilton-Pearce, Joseph 

  • Evolutions End,
  • Magical Child,
  • Magical Child Revisited,
  • Crack in the Cosmic Egg.

See www.ttfuture.org

Caplan, Mariana (1998)

  • UNTOUCHED: The Need for Genuine
    Affection in an Impersonal World

Chamberlain, David (1998)

  • The Mind of your Newborn Baby
  • Babies Remeber Birth

England, Pam (1998) 

  • Birthing From Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation.

Goldman, Ronald (1997) 

  • Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma

Karr -Morse and S. Wiley  (1999)

  • Ghosts from the Nursery: Tracing the Roots of Violence

Klaus, Marshall & Phyllis Klaus (2000)

  • Your Amazing Newborn

Kroger, Mary, (2004)

  • The Impact of Birthing Practices on Breastfeeding

    *Kunchinskas, Susan, (2009)

  • The Chemistry of Connection

Liedloff, Jean (1986)

  • The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost

     Fabricant,  Emerson, Linn and Linn (1999)

  • Remembering Our Home: Healing Hurts and
  • Receiving Gift from Conception to Birth

      Lipton, Bruce(2005)

  • The Biology of Belief
  • Unleashing the Power of Consciouness
  • Matter and Miracles

Luminare, Carista-Rosen (2000)

  • Parenting Begins before Conception. A Guide-For You and Your Future Child

Myrna Martin, (2003)

  • Birth and Attachment; How to totally support
    your baby from here on

*McCarty, Wendy Anne Ph.D. (2002)

  • Being with Babies,.(2004)  Welcoming Consciousness

Moberg, Kerstin Uvnas (2003)

  • The Oxytocin Factor    

Nathanielsz, Peter MD, PhD (2001)

  • The Prenatal Prescription,
  • Life Before Birth,
  • Life in the Womb 

Odent, Michel

  • Birth Reborn,
  • The Scientification of Love,
  • The Farmer and the Obstetrician,
  • The Caesarean, AND all of his books.

*Prager, Judith (2002)

  • The Worst Is Over

Schiffer, HowardB.(2004)

  • How to be the Best Lover: A guide 
    to Teenage Boys

*Seigel MD, Daniel and Hartzell, Mary (2004)

  •  Parenting from the Inside Out.

Szejer, Miriam (2005)

  • Talking to Babies

*Verney, Thomas (1982)

  • The Secret Life of the Unborn Child.
  • New York: Dell  (2003)
  • Tomorrrow’s Baby.

*Wirth, Frederick  (2001)

  • Prenatal Parenting.

* are highly recommended


  • The Psychology of Birth.  STAR Foundation.  (2001), 43 min, 40 sec.
  • The Psychology of Birth: Invitation to Intimacy. Owl Productions (2004), 53 min.
  • Bonded Beginnings: Creating An Extraordinary Family, Hollywood Birth Center (2003) 28 minutes
  • Kangaroo Mother Care. Bergman, Nils (2001)  26 minutes. A Must see. 
  • What Babies Want (2004) 58 minutes Psalm & Zoya  (2005) Unassisted Homebirth of our Twins www.EarthBirthProductions.com
  • Babies Know:  The 7 Principles of Pre& Perinatal Psychology, from the baby’s perspective
  • Helping Children Heal  Trauma Brain and Relationship www.sbgi.edu




These are some handouts Karen likes to recommend for parents before and after they have their baby.

*note - you need to download all the handouts below.
You can download them individually below, or in a single .zip file containing all the handouts by: (clicking here)

General Information

Prenatal Period

Circumcision Info