Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about this class.

Refund Policy

Registrants who contact either Karen Strange or the Class Sponsor--by email or phone--by the morning of the class will receive a full refund. If no contact is made prior to the start of the class, a $50 fee will be charged on all refund requests.

Babies in Class

Babies are more than welcome in the class as long as they are pretty quiet. Usually this is true of most young babies. Older babies are ok too as long as the mother is aware of the nose her baby may be making and steps out until the baby settles, then comes back in.


"I already have a card"
Why should I take an NRP course again, or pay for your course before my card expires?

If you already have the NRP card you are going to get something quite different from any other card you have gotten anywhere else.

You are going to get a perspective that is not taught anywhere else.

You are going to learn without fear, which is not taught anywhere else.

You will be learning information and evidence based research that you will not get in the rest of your midwifery training no matter where you go. And just like everyone else in the room, you will get material that is not offered or taught anywhere in the midwifery/medical model. You will be getting a huge piece of education, which you are not going to get from anywhere else?

For instance, a few things you will learn is: exactly what is happening for the baby: physiologically in neonatal transitional physiology, about delayed cord clamping, about when it is appropriate to give the baby some puffs of air, when it is not and much more.

  • Karen will teach both mouth-to-mouth as well as bag/mask ventilation.
  • Karen will teach a clearer understanding of what intubation is and does, not explained anywhere else.
  • Karen will teach what is at play with the hormones at birth and what is happening and why.
  • Karen will teach about the evidence-based research on the use of oxygen, meconium and suctioning.
  • Karen will teach what is happening and meant to happen not only physiologically but psychologically and emotionally at birth.

And not least of all you will learn how to help babies integrate what has happened when there has been a complication or interruption in the sequence in birth such as resuscitation, a shoulder dystocia, a separation or even a long labor.

This class is not about needing "the card". Please read the "Why does this class cost so much?" which I sometimes send out to my sponsors and anyone that wants to know why I charge so much for the class, or wants the class for free or at a discounted price because they already took the course and have "the card", or because they do not really "need it" at this time. This could apply to people that take the NRP course in the hospital for MUCH cheaper and want to take my class to find out what I have to say but think that since they already have "the card" they should not have to pay again and so much.

Simply because you already have a “card” from another NRP course, doesn’t diminish the value of the course I am teaching.  You are receiving infinitely more information, from a different perspective, than any other NRP course taught.

IN reality, even though you already have a “card”, you will be learning lots and lots of new information right along side of everyone else taking the class, therefore, I don’t’ offer discounts because you already have a “card” from another NRP class.

This applies to students at the beginning of their training and are not yet required to have the NRP card, or Doulas that do not need to have certain midwifery skills. Recently, students and doulas have been a large majority of my participants. Again, even if you already have "the card" or do not "need it" you are getting an entire education that I list on the attached "Why does this class cost so much".

I have taught doctors, pediatricians, OBs, neonatologists, famous midwives, midwives that know everything alternative, midwives that know everything medical and they all say that what I offer is not taught anywhere else and has changed their practice.

So, the point I am trying to make is this: It's not about “the card”. What I teach is not about “the card” but about everything else and you do get the card.  It's important for me to make sure you understand the difference between my class and any other NRP class. You are going to get so much more than just NRP and a card.

Why does this class cost so much?

To begin with this is not just an NRP class taught for out of hospital practitioners. It is called Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn specifically because I wanted to be clear that the AAP/NRP taught in the hospital or out of the hospital is only a small portion of what is included when you take this class. You do get the regular NRP card. You will learn how NRP explains and does resuscitation. And then you will get more than what is taught in an AAP/NRP class.

My class is about evidence based studies and cutting edge information that help you understand this incredibly vital information besides what is presented in the NRP class.
I have copyright privileges from the UK Resuscitation Manual and you will get a copy of my booklet, which includes much information from this manual. I will teach the latest information on controversies having to do with resuscitation, oxygen, suctioning, delayed cord clamping, physiologic cord closure and provide you with a complete understanding on neonatal transitional physiology. I also cover what helps babies integrate their experience of birth when it is normal or when a complication occurs (something that no one I am aware of is doing.)

Dealing with our own fears about the birth process is one of the most crucial elements in what I teach. As far as the skills aspect of resuscitation, I teach in a manner that addresses the fears most care providers feel during complications and how that affects ones ability to perform in practice and in the real life situation. The empowerment that my participants feel after taking my classes is well documented. I will be happy to provide you with letters that can show you the difference this class has made in the lives of nurses, midwifes and others as well.

The other aspect of the class that is different from the one you take locally is that I am not in a hospital or paid by a hospital. This is what I do full time and I take it very seriously. I make it my job to be on top of what is going on in AAP/NRP and being educated about the evidence based studies, about the material that applies to resuscitation in terms of the actual learning of skills which is not offered in the medical model.

In not being a hospital supported class and doing this for a living, (I do not attend births) I cover the cost of flights, shipping of my very heavy, large bags and boxes (about 6), shuttles, overweight bags, excess bags, car rentals and food. I sleep mostly in people’s homes no matter what that might be like and I eat the food offered to me in those homes. There is research time, copies, education, trainings, conferences, postage, paper, computer supplies and most of all the time it takes to make this all happen on a continued basis.

I understand this is a lot of money for a class, though most full day workshops charge the same. This is what it costs me to travel and bring all this to the locations I travel to and pay my bills.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. I hope I have helped you understand that this is NOT your run of the mill NRP class. Even if you have already taken a local hospital course I can guarantee that if you take this class you will get WAY more information, skills and understanding that will benefit you more than on so many levels in so many areas. What is gained in this workshop will change the physical and emotional lives of babies, mothers and the care providers!

Asking about auditing the class

In terms of audits please first read the FAQ section of “I already have a card” and “why this class costs so much”. Then the following will be clearer.
I do not offer audits from other NRP classes. The hospital based NRP classes are so different from what I teach that it is not really an audit. An audit is when you already learned the material and you want to just sit in. If you are coming from another NRP course then you will not just be sitting in, you will be learning MANY, MANY new things that were not part of the NRP course you took to get your card, which means you will not be sitting in, you will be learning along with everyone else.

Can DOULA's attend this class

This workshop was originally created for the out-of-hospital birth attendant. Over the years the original focus of the class has shifted to cover not only a wider audience but also a greater level of awareness and understanding about what birth attendants need to know, regardless of where the birth occurs.

In Karen's class you will:

  • Have a new mastery of the transition that occurs at birth that you can share with the families you work with
  • Be able to explain and clarify with a deep understanding what is happening to your clients babies should certain interventions occur
  • Learn more about how to support babies and birthing families before, during and after the birth
  • Come away with a new level of awareness about what happens in birth
  • Learn "Simple Tools" to help families when things do not go as planned to support healing and integration

This information is not taught anywhere else. It is all combined in one full day. As a doula you will learn so much more than you imagined you could learn.


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