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This is the official website naga trading for Karen Strange, Certified Professional Midwife, AAP/NRP Neonatal Resuscitation instructor and advocate for the conscious and aware prenate. Currently offering a full-day, intensive workshop which will fulfill your NRP Card requirements, meaning you get the card for taking and passing this course.

newbornbreath.com is the culmination of Karen Strange's years of experience and unique insight into the prenatal and birth process. This site is dedicated to supporting her efforts. Here you will find useful information and a current schedule of Karen's Workshops.

No matter what your level of knowledge is, be it as a birth attendant, therapist, doctor or parent, you will learn a totally NEW paradigm of what happens at birth on a physical, psychological and emotional level naga trader reviews.

  • Karen Strange offers a full-day neonatal resuscitation workshop. This workshop includes the latest from NRP, evidence based updates and studies regarding such specifics as the use of 100% O2 in the resuscitation of newborn babies, suctioning for babies born through meconium stained waters, etc.
  • She will demonstrate and present a clear understanding of neonatal transitional physiology: how babies clear the fluid from their lungs in the birth process.
  • She covers much more than the normal hospital based AAP/NRP course as most of her attendants work in the out-of- the-hospital setting. This means more information needs to be covered, though everything she teaches will apply to anywhere birth occurs.
  • Karen teaches with an understanding of, and tools for, the fear that comes up at resuscitation. The class is taught in a way that supports how skills are delivered in an emergency. "It is not only what you do that matters but how you are inside yourself."

The workshops cover the inherent wisdom embedded in birth.....physical, psychological and emotional.  Karen shares her "Simple Tools" for helping babies integrate their birth experience when things do not go as planned, such as in a resuscitation, a long labor, or if some intervention occurs naga crypto.


NEW book and testing information
As of January 1, 2012, all AAP/NRP courses will use the 6th Edition Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation


What People Say About Karen's Workshops

"One of the things that struck me most was the unfortunate truth that I was not taught many of the things that I learned in your class while I was in school to become a midwife. Your class completely changed my perspective on so many things, specifically how I feel about third stage in general. All these years I've been saying, "I hate third stage." Really, I'd say that to people. "I hate third stage." Can you believe that? But now after taking your class I feel so much more relaxed and confident in facing whatever NNR situation may come up. Not only did you train me in the implementation of the AAP NNR guidelines, but you gave me the training I need in order to stay calm and clear-headed in a resuscitation event and because of this I no longer dread third stage. Thank you for advocating as strongly as you do for the newborn as a complete human being. I had given such little thought to the things I did to babies before taking your class. I always had an inkling that I wanted to do things differently but I didn't have access to any new ways of thinking until I took your class. Some things that I have changed in my practice since I took your class: 1. All my moms get oxytocin baths at every prenatal visit. 2. I don't cut the cord until the newborn exam. 3. THE BULB IS 100% GONE! Again, thank you so much. I had heard wonderful things about the class but I had no idea it was going to change my professional life and my relationship with my family as radically as it did! Keep up the good work

--Erin, LM, April 2012